Billy first formed a band when he was 16, heavily influenced by the Beatles. Initially the band was a standard three piece, made up of bass (David Lemon), rhythm guitar (Billy Lemon) and drums (Noel Davidson). It wasn’t long until the band grew to a 5 piece adding another guitarist (William Coey) and a keyboard player (Bryan Townsley). The lead singer of the band was David , and Billy also sang some lead and harmonies, the two brothers vocals blended well and created rich harmonies.

Billy was always looking forward to the weekly Top of the Pops broadcast on Thursday nights on BBC 1, his favourite show at the time. It was here that a young Billy dreamed of one day playing on that programme, but that was never to be.

As Billy and David progressed they began writing songs together, taking influence from the Beatles, Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin and so many great artists and bands in those days; including the Beach Boys, the Hollies, the Kinks, etc. Too many to list.

After 10 years of playing in pubs, clubs, dance halls and playing alongside the famous Thin Lizzy at Kelly’s Portrush and supporting the Bay City Rollers at the Flamingo Ballroom, Ballymena; the Band went on to play in Dublin at the Revolution Club, Good Time Charlie’s and Zhivago’s , famed as Europes Number 1 Night Spot. The Band which was called Crown also played a string of venues in the Leeds/Bradford area of North England. Billy also played in different line ups in Trios and Duos. With Band members pursuing different paths, interests and responsibilities Billy’s playing days came to an end. From time to time Billy would have made an appearance here or there but eventually he decided to take a long break from the music scene. Finally in 2005 Billy returned to his first love, music. 2005 saw Billy taking up the axe again, playing his beloved Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar, and he began writing songs and working with producer David Todd who was a wizard with electronics and computers, who had a great background knowledge of music and recording skills. Billy released his first album from this partnership in 2007,which consisted of 8 tracks including 2 instrumental tracks. The album was entitled “Half Baked in the Bedroom” which was true to it’s title, but from then on David’s skills and Billy’s musicianship and inspiration grew and a more professional direction and end product was desired.

Billy got his mojo back and his appetite for music increased, releasing a second album in 2012. This second album “I Wish I Could Be Somebody” was released to much acclaim and great reviews, it consisted of 13 all original songs. It was also released worldwide digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the Google Play Store, including others.

Billy got his first piano just before the release of his second album, and so worked closely with David Todd who was a pianist and a bass guitarist in his own right. The piano greatly influenced Billy and widened his knowledge in music and this resulted in many of the songs being written on the old Ebony and Ivory keys. Now, in 2018 sees the arrival of Billy’s third album, “Move On” which contains 17 of his original songs.

Billy has a great way of telling stories in his songs and draws the listener in with his soft voice and unmistakable style. Billy reached 1,000,000 views on Youtube in 2014 and has built up a loyal following. He is still inspired and is writing new songs as the third album awaits its release date of 1st October 2018.

Billy has other interests, such as cars and motor bikes, golf, photography, keeping fit and enjoys a little time in the garden too. He is an easy going guy but driven, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, has a wicked sense of humour and is easy to talk to; Billy is very grateful for all the support and encouragement his followers and friends have given him. He has often said “It’s not all about the music, it’s more about the people”.